Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Update

Hello again, I hope you' all had a great spring break last week!  This post is going to short and sweet since nothing too new has happened this last week.

The week started off pretty cold and rainy.  Wednesday was a great relief when we were finally able to go outside and enjoy playing some sports again.  One student went back to the States for his sister's wedding and brought a frisbee back with him.  We had a blast playing that with a Chinese student that came over when he saw us playing.  We also had two exams this last week that kept us pretty busy.  For one, we didn't really know what the exams would be like since they were written by Chinese professors.  It turns out that they weren't too bad.  Now we have a few weeks without exams until the next round rolls though.  It's really weird to think that, as of Monday, we'll only have five weeks of class left.  Time is really flying by here, it's crazy!

That's pretty much all for now.  We're going to they Yellow Mountains next weekend so there will be a lot more to update you on.  Till then, stay classy Indiana!