Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Laser Tag 激光标记

Hello again!  It's come time for me to type up another one of my updates.  This last week has been pretty normal.  If you talked to me you probably just heard about one thing, thermo.  There was a lot of it.  Apparently our professor thought we new how to use a specific program for our homework, but we didn't.  So instead the 6 hours of work turned into 20 or so.  Not fun.  Fortunately we have it down now and the homework shouldn't be too bad.

As for a finger update...I got the cast taken off.  I'm so glad to have the majority of the fingers on my right hand back.  I can write and use chopsticks again, happy day!  I can' say much else was too exciting about this trip.  The subway ride was long and the time at the hospital was short.  I did get some time to walk from the subway to the hospital, it was gorgeous outside and I got to enjoy the weather.

The main source of excitement this last week was an invite we got from Chris, a Chinese student we met who will be at Purdue next fall.  He and a bunch of friends were getting together on Sunday to play laser tag.  Mike, Tori, Bailey and I were able to make it.  We really had no idea what to expect so we went into it with open minds.  It turned out to be a blast, we played for 4.5 hours  We couldn't understand the guy explaining it all, but Chris and a couple other students helped in translating for us.  We had "vests" that we wore, hats, and giant guns that made it a lot of fun.  It helped a lot that it was really well put together and ran well.  We really enjoyed interacting with some of the Chinese students here.  We took some group pictures, one of which makes me look pretty crazy.  We all decided that it would be great if there was a company around Purdue that set up the same thing too.  I'd definitely want to do it again!

That's all for now.  To all of my Purdue friends, have a fun and safe spring break.  And when making your brackets, be sure to remember one thing, Syracuse is the worst ever!

Minhang Photos