Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Beginning

This is the place where I plan on writing about all the adventures I'll be having in China.  As a fair warning, I have never attempted the writing of a blog that might, but probably won't, be read by people on a semi-regular basis.  If anything, I would encourage you to skip the writings and just look at the interesting / funny / pretty pictures of whatever I deem is worthy of posting here.  With any luck, I will be gaining the input of Dan Stubbs who will, Lord willing, have a positive impact on the writing here.

It will also be possible to contact me through various means.  Skype is always a good option.  My username is "grant.robinson11".  I will also be able to check phone messages at 317-721-1189.

In the end, I hope some of you enjoy reading what's posted here and even feel brave enough to comment of some of the things you see.  I look forward to hearing from all of you!